Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Custom Birthday Card Order

Here are some more birthday cards that I made for a custom order, with minimal embellishments, so they only need one postage stamp to mail.  Tag words: masculine, feminine, birthday, eiffel tower, hot air balloon, smile, birds, flowers, watercolors, bear, cake.


Snowman Canvas for Elderly Friends

I have a friend with a parent in a memory care facility.  She was telling me about how they wanted something different for a few of the folks who would engage with a teacher, so I offered to do a simple canvas.  We were all very pleased with how they responded and how their projects turned out.  See for yourself.  Tag words: canvas, snowman, acrylic paint, fun times.

Christmas Cards for a Fundraiser

In October, I helped a friend make a set of cards for a kit to sell to raise money for StandUp for Kids.  Happy to report we made about $900 for that organization thru card kit sales and donations.  Tag words: Christmas, stocking, presents, trees, Santa, heart, winter, pinecones.

Custom Card Order

Here are pics of cards from a custom order.  Tag words: thinking of you, happy birthday, love, flowers, masculine, stripes, dream, smile, cactus

October Card Club

Since I opted not to teach in November or December, we needed to make Christmas cards in October.  I loved these color schemes.  The first photo is of candy gifts that I handed out to friends and customers.  Tag words:  Merry Christmas, Santa, gift, winter, snow, snowman, snowflakes